Bigfoot (Yeti)

Growing up in Southeast Oklahoma we heard stories about Bigfoot and that has always stuck with me and so I decided to do a couple of pictures of my versions of the Bigfoot. I used large 22 x 24 pieces of paper, prismacolor pencils & ink, then recycled cardboard for the frames. I really like the way the pair turned out. Here is Freddie the Yeti and Miss Bettie the Yeti(because Freddie was lonely). Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Hey JR!!!!!

Haven’t heard that name in quite a while. Hows it goin. You illustrations are totally cool. I always knew you were an amazing talent back from the days of the Holiday playing cards at Hallmarck Levy Smith.

Looks like you are doing great for yourself.

Hit me up sometime. or

Anyway, REALLY good to see your stuff again.

Chuck Hodges
from back in the day at HLS, or Huge Image or whatever they were calling it back then.