Salt Pilot Speed Shop

Stop by and visit my friend Mike Humeston of Salt Pilot Speed Shop in Salt Lake City UT.
Mike is a craftsman, everything from custom motorcycles to his custom furniture. Hit Mike up for a project and you will be inspired by his workmanship.

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This is a sample of a project I did for Mike!!!

A piece I did back in 2011 and it was just black and unsigned, so it must not have been done so I added some color and framed it. Now a finished 36x26 piece signed and done :)~

Largest piece I have done to date! It measures out to be 27 x 45 inches and will be getting bigger once I make the frame. ENJOY :)~
Pistons & Paint car show in Denton Texas (last years pics that I took and I am just now getting posted, been a bit busy) :)~